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Graduating Class of 2020

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Well, it has been a absolutely crazy year all round, thus far. Yet, our Class of 2020 has brought a ray of sunshine to an otherwise cloudy year. We are absolutely proud of all the work they put in this as they aimed for the stars. Congratulations Class of 2020. You have made us proud.

My first day at Alcar Academy was bittersweet as I was transferring from another school to join the Alcar Academy family where I knew no one.  My outlook all changed when I got settled and start to learn more about my classmates and created friendships and alliances which will go beyond the bounds of these walls.My journey with my grade 6 teacher, Mrs. Allie-Brown, has not always been  smooth but  I soon realized that her passion for teaching compels her to push us to be more than mediocre learners. She has taught us to work hard in life, to reach beyond the limits of our comfort zone and surely we will be guaranteed success.

In a journey that is undertaken, there can be obstacles and speed bumps.We didn’t know that the year 2020 would be filled with orders such as "Tan a yuh yard,"self-isolation and online teaching. Previously there were times when we would have done everything to finish classes early or have more free times on our hands, but the advent of Corona Virus has made us appreciate the classroom and everything in had to offer. Thus putting truth to the Jamaican proverb "Goat never know di use a him tail till fly blow it."

Parents you are probably wondering where the years have gone; as you  marvel at your sons or daughters’ accomplishments. It doesn’t seem that long ago when these children you honor today were toddling off to start kindergarten. I can hardly believe it myself and will surely miss this noisy and jovial bunch. A group that has been fun loving and fun to be with. You are one determined set of individuals who are driven by the goals set for you by the people in your inner circle.

My fellow classmates, graduands of 2020 I wish for you all the best in your academic endeavours and I encourage you to live a life that embodies success. I leave with you this quote – “Be bold enough to use your voice , be brave enough to listen to your heart and strong enough to live the life you always imagined.

Thank you!

- Annalyah Scott

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